We set the standards.

We are the leader in discovering, sourcing, buying and selling the world’s most exceptional watches.
We combine a high level of expertise with genuine direct access to the manufacturers.



This process involves identifying, locating and purchasing watches from suppliers, manufacturers or other sources. We will verify their authenticity, quality and condition. This requires a combination of market knowledge, industry connections and negotiation skills.


We manage our collector’s collection and provide investment insights. We will acquire, preserve and conduct research for specific models. We research and gather information on the current market trends, prices and availability. Thanks to our deep knowledge and understanding of the industry we will ensure our collectors will have the best information possible.


We facilitate the transaction between buyers and sellers, while ensuring the security and satisfaction of both parties. We will reach out to our deep network and find potential buyer or seller for a specific model. We will negotiate prices and arrange the payment and delivery of the watch.


We maintain a positive relationship with our collectors and ensure their needs are met in timely and effective manner. This include a wide range of services such as inquiries, information about a model, technical support, repair and maintenance services, warranty and guarantee services and product updates and upgrades.


We will auction your watch via our online auction platform, live auction or via a private sale. If you are interested in bidding on a watch at one of our auction, we can assist you all the way. We will help you understand the bidding process and the fees associate with the bidding and winning in the auction.

It Doesn’t Just Tell Time. It Tells A Story.


As objects, watches share a range of qualities and characteristics that speak to our senses. We spend our time studying and selecting watches, which, to us, have a certain appeal.

From intricate mechanics to balanced aesthetics, as well as the compelling stories of the watchmakers behind them, these watches unite us because of what they represent: the passage of time and its enjoyment.

Thanks to our approach, we have managed to disrupt the high-end corner of the watch market, for the rarest and most valuable pieces. We are the bridge between manufacturers and private collectors.

The founders are from Switzerland based in Dubai but our clients are spread throughout the world. Most of our watches are sold to collectors across the globe. We are currently a small team but we are continuing to expand even further this year, as our business goes from strength to strength.

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