Bulgari Watch Collection

Bulgari is a well-known luxury watch and jewellery business with a history dating back to 1884. Bulgari was founded in Rome, Italy, and has maintained a reputation for quality in workmanship, design, and innovation.


Tradition Automatique Seconde Retrograde
Price 10500 AED

Bulgari's Distinctive Style in Watchmaking

Bulgari watches are noted for their strong and unmistakable appearance, which combines Italian flare with Swiss accuracy. Clean lines, strong shapes, and brilliant colours distinguish the brand’s watches, making them easily recognised. Bulgari clocks are not only attractive, but also extremely utilitarian, with excellent performance and accuracy.

Bulgari's Most Iconic Watch Collections

Bulgari’s renowned watch collections have become associated with the company’s name. Serpenti, with a serpent-inspired pattern, and Octo, with a contemporary, architectural style, are two of these collections. The B.zero1, Lvcea, and Diagono collections are also noteworthy.

Bulgari and Haute Horlogerie: Innovation, Materials, and Techniques

Bulgari is at the forefront of haute horlogerie, creating watches of remarkable quality and beauty using cutting-edge technology, materials, and processes. The brand’s watches are truly horological masterpieces, with sophisticated movements, high-quality materials, and unique designs. Bulgari’s jewellery skill is also evident in its watchmaking, with watches boasting diamonds, precious stones, and distinctive workmanship.

The Value of Collecting and Investing in Bulgari Watches

Bulgari watches are not just working of art, but also wise investments. The watches of the brand have a timeless charm that transcends fads, making them highly sought after by collectors all over the world. Bulgari watches are valuable not just because of their visual appeal, but also because of their outstanding workmanship, durability, and performance, which ensures that they preserve their worth over time. A Bulgari watch is a wonderful purchase for any watch enthusiast, whether for personal enjoyment or as an investment.

Where are Bulgari watches made?

Bulgari watches are Swiss-made, with their manufacturing taking place in the brand's production facility located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Are Bulgari watches water-resistant?

Yes, Bulgari watches are water-resistant. The level of water resistance varies based on the model, but most of the brand's watches are suitable for swimming and even diving.

How long is the warranty on Bulgari watches?

Bulgari watches come with a two-year warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and can be extended with an additional fee.

Do Bulgari watches use quartz or mechanical movements?

Bulgari watches use both quartz and mechanical movements, depending on the model. The brand's quartz watches offer high accuracy and convenience, while its mechanical watches showcase intricate mechanisms and artisanal craftsmanship.

Can I have my Bulgari watch serviced?

Yes, Bulgari provides servicing and maintenance for its watches through authorized service centers. Regular servicing is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your watch.